Lingerie 101

As the lingerie realm continues to grow by leaps and bounds, new styles and designs are being introduced. With that said, it can be hard to keep up with ongoing trends. From a sexy dress Obsessive to a seductive teddy, lingerie collections are extensive. Here’s an overview of some of the most popular types of lingerie.


Best described as a short slip, this flirty garment pairs nicely with a thong. It generally falls well above the knee and includes an open-back design. It’s simple to slide on and off, which is why it’s a fan favorite.


Though a bodysuit suggests full coverage, the lingerie style of one offers the exact opposite. This piece is a combination of a bra and underwear. Typically, it ties around the neck to enhance the chest.


This modern take on everyday bras has taken the lingerie world by storm. Bralettes are preferred for their comfortability and unmatched sexiness. Since they don’t come with underwire, bralettes are often worn by women with smaller breasts who don’t require as much support.


Bustiers are best when attempting to make an extra sexy statement. This garment hugs in all the right places and effortlessly accentuates cleavage. Most bustiers cover the torso, but some showcase the midriff.


Though well-known in traditional fashion lines, rompers are also a staple in lingerie. This sultry number is essentially a cami and shorts. The bottoms ride up playfully, which exposes just enough of the cheek. With their soft fabric, rompers are considered the most comfortable of lingerie sets.