The Evolution of Stockings

Stockings are kind of like socks in that they come up over your feet, but the difference between stockings and socks is that stockings usually come much higher up to cover the leg than socks do. Some stockings can come up as high as your thighs or even up to your waist.

When did stockings first come to be? While the exact date isn’t sure, stockings (for women) have been around since the 1590s. They’ve never really been out of fashion since their creation since they serve as a tasteful and fashionable way to flaunt your legs.

Did you know that prior to colonial times stockings were primarily worn by men, though? No, they were not the sexy stockings on web that we think of today in fishnet and print patterns, but they were long, leg-covering garments that were worn along with breeches for leg warmth. It wasn’t until later on that it became acceptable for women too to wear stockings, but since it did, they haven’t stopped since.

Stockings were originally worn for warmth, and while you can still wear stockings for that purpose nowadays, they are also worn for fashion purposes now too. For instance, you can get stockings in all kinds of fun prints and designs, and you can get ones in different colors too. Women used to wear nude or transparent stockings to make their legs appear smoother and tanner than they were, and some still do. Some women opt for fishnet or fishstripe stockings that are regarded as highly sexy and are oftentimes used in the boudoir to spice up a relationship.

However, there are also thigh-high stockings, lace stockings, wool stockings, garter stockings, compression stockings, open toe stockings and even full body stockings. No matter what look you’re going for, chances are there is a type of stocking out there that can help you achieve it.