Types of Chemises

Nowadays chemises are a type of lingerie that are typically worn under clothing. Their purposes hasn’t strayed too much for their original one, which was to wear them under the more formal type of outerwear that people wear. However, the design of the chemise has gotten decidedly sexier throughout the ages, as it has evolved to be more revealing than it was back in the medieval and Victorian ages.

Sexy chemises are nowadays some of the comfiest types of sexy nighties on the market. They are loose and flowing, and many of them are made in a short, babydoll fashion that rises high above the knees. Many women sleep in them, and others buy them in playful lace-trimmed styles to entire their lovers.

Still, there are other types of chemises in addition to the sexy, lingerie-type ones – obsessive.com. For instance, you can buy cotton chemises that are simple in nature. Many wear these as shirts when they’re going for a casual look, and some might wear them under an open button-up shirt to create a laid-back look.

There are also chemises made out of silk and satin. Some women wear these as standalone shirts on date nights, and some wear them in the bedroom to sleep in. Still others choose to wear them as private sexy accessories underneath their clothing. Wearing sexy lingerie can make you feel better about yourself and boost your confidence level even if no one else sees what you’re wearing. Simply you knowing that you’re wearing something that makes you feel good can be enough to make a difference in your outlook.

From functional and practical to frilly and sexy, there are chemises for every occasion. When you’re thinking about purchasing a new chemise, decide what your purpose for purchasing it is as well as the type you would like.