Types of Sexy Lingerie

Sexy lingerie is any lingerie that enhances the figure and makes the wearer feel and look sexy – more on www.obsessive.com. While what constitutes as “sexy” could be subjective, there are certain types of garments that are generally accepted as sexy nowadays.

Sexy Underwear

Everyone wears underwear whether it’s plain white undergarments or some of the sexier variety. Some of the types of underwear that’s considered sexy nowadays include open-crotch panties, thongs, cheekies, boyshort underwear, hi-rise panties and bikinis.

Sexy Bras

There are many styles of bras on the market nowadays, and some styles are sexier than others. While a simple T-shirt bra can be sexy, a bustier-style bra or a pushup bra that enhances the d├ęcolletage is generally considered much sexier. Bras with strappy crisscrossed details and see-through elements are generally considered sexier than other ones too.


Corsets were all the rage back in the Victorian era, but they are still considered sexy today. Not only do they help enhance the female figure, but they usually feature ribbons, lace and other details that enhance their sex appeal. There are also corselets that come down over the hips and feature garters that connect them to stockings.


There are many types of sexy nightwear, from babydolls and chemises to cami and panty sets and bodysuits. Oftentimes, this type of nightwear is used to enhance sexual relationships and add a bit of spice to foreplay.

Sexy Materials

Oftentimes part of what makes hot lingerie hot is the material that it’s made from. Any type of lingerie featuring stain, lace, leather, ribbons or other filmy embellishments is oftentimes considered sexy. For instance, a plan white pair of hi-rise panties might not be particularly sexy until you add a bit of lace trim around the edges and then viola. Suddenly, the entire undergarment is taken up a notch in sex appeal.