When And How To Wear Your Lingerie

We’ve long lived in a modest world, which means lingerie has been confined to the bedroom. However, many are exploring new ways to wear lingerie that goes against the norm. Here are some ways that you can make sexy outfits with your intimate apparel.

Pair It With Heels

Though considered lingerie, slips offer a considerable amount of coverage compared to most garments. For a sophisticated yet sexy look, wear a slip with some stunning high heels. If you’re uncomfortable in this alone, adding a blazer to the ensemble will do the trick.

Let Some Lace Show

For those who are more on the conservative side but want to feel confident in their skin, let some lace peek out. Wearing a tee with a plunging neckline will allow you to do so. During those hot summer days, you’ll feel both bold and comfortable while rocking some lace undergarments.

Consider Bralettes

Bralettes work well with seemingly any shirt. Tank tops and camisoles will likely be your top choices for this style tip. Wearing a sporty bralette is the perfect way to show off your figure while maintaining a flirty aesthetic. If you feel comfortable enough, pairing it with a cardigan will achieve a super sexy look.

Bust Out The Fancy Panties

Your most sensual underwear doesn’t have to be solely reserved for sexy costumes. If you wear them underneath a skirt or pants, no one will ever know. You can keep your panties your little secret while still getting the most out of your lingerie.