Who Invented the Thong?

Maybe the sexy thong is one of your favorite types of panties, or maybe you generally detest the thong and only wear it when you have to — when you’re trying to hide a panty line in a formfitting outfit. Love it or hate it the thong is here to stay. Have you ever wondered who to credit the creation of the thong to? It’s actually not a clear-cut issue. There are a few different possible origins of the controversial thong.

Oftentimes, the renowned fashion designer Rudi Grenwich is credited with the creation of the thong. He supposedly introduced the first thong bikini to the runway back in 1974, which is probably why he sometimes gets all the credit for the panty. However, some people say that women in Brazil were sporting the itty bitty panties way before that. There are still others who state that thongs, also officially known as tangas, didn’t hit the beaches in Brazil until 1977.

Then, there is the other theory that the first thong is actually the result of an order decreed by New York’s mayor during the first World Fair back in 1939. According to many fashion historians, Fiorello LaGuardia didn’t fancy the idea of nude dancers being at the World Fair where many women and children would be in attendance. Therefore, he decreed that the nude dancers must be covered. The managers in charge of the dancers obliged — but just barely. They created the thongs that just barely covered the front of the women and left their cheeks bare and slapped the round dots of fabric on their nipples that have since become known as “pasties,” and voila! They were in accordance with the mayor’s rules, and the show went on.

Regardless of whether you love them or hate them or where they came from, erotic thongs from the obsessive have made a decidedly remarkable impression in fashion history.